Keep in touch anytime

However, not all voice mail systems or services are equal. Our system is user friendly, versatile and dependable. It can be programmed and used as a simple voice mail box, or as a multi-branching account, allowing communication between users. It can dial your cell phone, activate your pager to alert you to important messages, or it can be programmed to "0" out to an operator for assistance. Our skilled professionals will help you get started and clear, simple voice prompts will maximize ease of operation for you and your callers.

Rates start as low as $15.00


Voice Mail

Voice mail, or voice messaging, is a powerful communications tool that allows you to stay in touch anytime, anywhere, all at a cost more affordable than a fully live service. Voice mail can also be an effective means of communicating with your customers, and even your own employees, all but eliminating annoying "telephone tag". There is nothing to purchase and there is nothing to install and learning how to use the system is a breeze. In most cases same day service is available.